joshua balgos
+1 314 677 5367

Lives and works in New York, USA.

Joshua's multi-disciplinary practice utilizes video and technology to navigate around themes of nationality, identity & cultural perception. His work observes these larger social issues through intimate conversations and personal situations. He is interested in creating equivocal relationships between the work and the viewer, leaving them questioning their own perception of the presentation.

More recently, Joshua has been progressing his practice into more immersive and interactive video installations. Subverting the 'viewing space' and providing a physical presence are also new devices he is currently exploring. By using interactive sensors or invading the audiences' space, the viewers are no longer just spectators, they become part of a collaboration.

Joshua often seeks and embraces collaborations with fellow artists and professionals. Their working relationship always provides an unique process to realizing new work.


The Royal College of Art 9.04 - 7.06
Masters in Art: Communication Art & Design
Emphasis in FIlm/Video & Installation

School of the Art Institute of Chicago 9.99 - 5.03
Bachelor in Fine Art
Emphasis in Design and Technology


apexart (New York, New York US) Come Out & Play: Supermasochist
Webby Awards (New York, New York US) The12th Annual Webby Awards
Huashen Culture Park (Taipei, Taiwan) London Calling
Zendia Moma (Shanghai, China) Intrude 366: The Great Dream
Kuandu Museum of Fine Art (Taipei, Taiwan) Power Show 2008
Pianos (New York, New York US) Teletextile Music Video "Heartquake"
Monkey Town (Brooklyn, New York US) Background Visuals Teletextile

SHiNE ART SPACE (Shanghai, China) Global Dialogue - Shanghai E-Arts Festival
Siberia Project Space (London, UK) Siberia Filmnight
AirSpace Gallery (Stoke-on-Trent, UK) The World Around You
Off Cuts (London, UK)
SoupSession (London, UK) Passing Clouds
Sundance Independent Film Festival (Park City, USA)

Rochelle School (London, UK) Bloomberg New Contemporaries
Liverpool Biennial (Liverpool, UK) Bloomberg New Contemporaries
Rapture TV (London, UK)
Royal College of Art (London, UK) The Show
Super Shorts Intl Film Festival (London, UK)
EmergeandSee (London, UK)
Royal College of Art (London, UK) Communication WIP

EmergeandSee (Berlin, Germany)
Portabello Film Festival (London, UK)
Circus Gallery (London, UK) One-to-One
Royal College of Art (London, UK) Framework
Royal College of Art (London, UK) Telecine
Institute of Contemporary Art (London, UK) Onedotzero

Gallery 2 (Chicago, USA) Hot Spot


Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2006 (London, UK)
Gaurdian (London, UK) New Contemporaries
Feeling Listless (Liverpool, UK) Liverpool Biennial #2
Bloomberg New Contemporaries (London, UK) Press Release
The Royal College of Art (London, UK) The Show
Emergeandsee DVD (Berlin, Germany) Chip Chop
ARC 4 (London, UK) Acoustic Images
ARC 5 (London, UK) Metropolis


The Show (London, United Kindgom) Royal College of Art 2006
Communication Art & Design Work In Progress (London, UK) Royal College of Art 2006
Diss Studio (London, UK) 2006
Pixel Choir Project: Murcof (London, UK) 2005
Framework (London, UK) Royal College of Art 2005
Telecine (London, United Kindgom) Royal College of Art 2005


Webby Awards Finalist
The School of the Art Institute of Chicago Incentive Scholarship
The Max Hortmann Grant
Royal College of Art International Student Bursary
Varley Memorial Foundation
Tutors Award for Studentship